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Fogstar Drift PRO - don't settle for the ordinary

Fogstar Drift PRO - don't settle for the ordinary

Our Drift LiFePO4 batteries have caused quite the commotion across the UK Leisure Battery Market. Since their launch 10 months ago, we've dispatched over 1900 Drifts to customers throughout the UK, and the demand shows no signs of abating.

Your response to the launch of our Drift range has been truly heartening. It's exciting to see such engaging discussions, not just about your cherished motorhomes and boats, but also about the product and how things can be improved. These insights ignited a journey of innovation for us, culminating in the creation of what could arguably be the best leisure battery in the world - the Drift PRO. 

Now, you might ask, what makes the Drift PRO so exceptional? It's not just the competitive price point (although we do take pride in that at Fogstar), nor is it the 300A JBD BMS, the plug and play Victron integration, the durable metal case, the JK Active Balancer, or even the RS485/CAN inputs. The real magic of the Drift Pro lies in its multifaceted application, delivering unparalleled power and potential compared to any other leisure battery on the market.

The Drift V1 has already been a fantastic addition to the UK leisure battery market. However, the Drift PRO takes things to a whole new level, offering customers a broader range of choices when searching for the perfect battery solution for their needs. Let's delve deeper into the Fogstar product set to revolutionise the UK Leisure Battery market… 

Exploring the Features of the Drift Pro

During the design process of the Drift Pro, we realised that an upgraded BMS was key to providing a superior solution for those using inverters of >3000W. The 300A customised JBD BMS is a first in its class, exclusively created for Fogstar, delivering the highest continuous discharge of any leisure battery on the market, enabling users to power inverters up to 3500W. 

But we didn't stop there. The BMS is further customised for seamless integration with Victron products, making plug-and-play a reality. The RS485 and CAN comms ports further facilitate a wide range of simple integrations with your chosen hardware. 

The Drift Pro boasts the same top-tier Grade A EVE cells as the Drift V1, encased in a serviceable metal case with an on/off switch for easy transition to 'storage mode' when not in use. Similarly to the Drift V1, the Drift Pro also features heating capability, enabling you to charge your battery even in sub-zero temperatures, a boon for customers during the chilly UK winters. 

The Active Balancer - Double the Benefits

Now, let's talk about a highly anticipated feature of the Drift PRO, the Active Balancer. This component redistributes the current from cells with a higher SOC to those with a lower SOC, ensuring an even distribution of current across the cells. We've opted for an external Jikong (JK) Active Balancer (a plug-in device) instead of a permanent built-in one, offering our customers the best of both worlds - the freedom to use an Active Balancer if necessary, without any long-term implications. 

Since our Drift Pro batteries contain balanced and matched Grade A EVE cells, the need for an Active Balancer is minimal, if at all. We recommend plugging in the device every three to six months for two to three cycles, depending on the levels of cell disparity (if any). You may find that your battery doesn't require any current redistribution across the cells, in which case, you don't need to use it. 

A built-in Active Balancer, although convenient, can be a significant power drain (>1Ah per day on average), even when not in use, which can be a significant disadvantage for off-grid users. 

Active Balancing is a relatively new technology, and incorporating it into our Drifts without comprehensive performance data could be risky. We prefer to observe its performance over the next few years before deciding to use it permanently in a product with a 10-year warranty. With well-balanced, matched, Grade A cells, you shouldn't need to use one. We've included it as an added bonus at our customers' request. 

How Much Does the Drift PRO Cost?

Our mission with the Drift PRO has been to make Lithium more affordable and accessible to customers of all budgets. The 12v 280ah Drift Pro retails at just £1099. 

We're also working on a distribution strategy with partners such as Climbing Van ( The team at Climbing Van will be stocking the Drift V2 and integrating the product into their electrical design services. 

If you're a Camper or Boat conversion specialist, the Drift PRO could be a game-changer for your upcoming builds. We'll soon be launching a dedicated section on this website with more information, very soon.

You can now pre-order the Fogstar Drift PRO. You'll also find our full range of Drift V1 batteries here.

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