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Made with Grade A EVE LiFePO4 Prismatics
Drift Leisure Batteries
Built-In heating
Built-In Bluetooth
Grade A Prismatics
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Created by our multi award-winning team here at Fogstar Batteries - the ‘Drift’ Lithium Leisure Battery range provides a powerful, renewable and truly authentic off-grid power solution.

Our range of UK-designed Lithium Leisure Batteries are engineered with Grade A EVE Cells, JBD Battery Management System (BMS), Bluetooth and built in Heater - as well as all the additional quality you can expect from Fogstar products.

The Fogstar Drift Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) leisure batteries are ideal for campervans, caravans, boats, special vehicles and other off-grid power sources. With a choice of capacity, from 105ah, through to 608ah, our 12v and 24v LiFePO4 leisure batteries support most applications, to keep you on the move, in even the most extreme conditions.

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With superior chemical make-up, greater depth of discharge, lower weight, exceptional pricing advantage and better environmental features, LiFePO4 leisure batteries have a significant edge over lead acid batteries.



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"We bought a Fogstar Drift 230Ah battery as a back-up store for our existing domestic roof solar panels at home (so we can run stuff in a power cut). It arrived very promptly and was very well packaged. Since installing it we have been delighted with it. We are particularly impressed with the Fogstar app (Blue Tooth) which communicates directly with the BMS in the battery case. The app displays (on your phone or tablet) the real time battery temperature, battery state-of-charge (both as actual Ah remaining and as a percentage remaining), real time battery current draw, real-time battery voltage, real-time watts being drawn and a real-time forward projection of time remaining at that value of draw-down. Absolutely first rate product!"

David Mellor

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I've studied this type of battery (also studied electrical engineering at university, purchased a 300ah lithium drift for a large skoolie bus build, will probably purchase another) for a few years now, these Fogstar batteries are head & shoulders above the rest, they have all the best features at an outstandingly reasonable price, better build quality than the rest, much cheaper than the competition, even for the others most basic batteries (check out "dc guy's" teardown & review on YouTube). No idea how they managed to get this battery delivered here to Northern Ireland, most companies wouldn't even attempt it. It was preordered & Fogstar kept me informed of progress. The app is great, it was an easy drop in replacement for my 230ah of lead acid, much lighter than I expected too but the icing on the cake is that my battery capacity seems to be 318.5ah! Highly recommended!

Denis McAlinden

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Had a bit of a "hiccup" between the ordering and delivery phase of my battery but Dave at Fogstar customer services was awesome in resolving my issue immediately - in comparison with other companies "customer services" where you get passed from pillar to post and eventually fobbed off - this rated as my best customer services experience ever, by far. Battery itself is truly value for money and it does exactly what it says on the tin, brilliant in every respect. Delivery is fast and by a reputable courier. As far as my purchasing experience has gone, I cannot recommend Fogstar enough - 10 out of 10 all day long.


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I'm sick of AGM batteries. They never last anywhere near as long as stated and they're supper heavy. My recent 110Ah leisure battery died after 3 years of very mild use.

I bit the bullet and forked out for this more expensive Fogstar 105Ah battery. What a change. The app is brilliant - I love being able to see charge and cycles information via my phone. You can also turn off the battery via your phone, which is brilliant. The battery is super light and can also be positioned on its side which is really handy in my campervan where space is at a premium.

Seriously impressed. Yes it's nearly double the price of a AGM battery, but will last for 10 years rather than 3 years, and even then it will still have plenty usable capacity.

Andrew Eden