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About Us

Multi-award winning Fogstar was established in 2016 and has quickly grown to become the number one supplier of authentic Lithium-ion batteries across the UK.

Trusted by major international brands, commercial businesses and individuals alike, it’s our aim to ensure the ongoing supply of cost-effective, legitimate and fully compliant battery cells across the UK and European markets.

Where it all started…
Our journey began just a few years ago and what a journey it has been.

Having unknowingly purchased fake batteries on numerous occasions, the owner of Fogstar - Ben Facer - was struggling to find a genuine supply of 18650 batteries across the UK market. It soon became apparent that vendors were unknowingly selling fake batteries, unaware of the potential dangers and safety implications.

Ben set about sourcing manufacturers, importing cells to the UK and testing their legitimacy before selling them on – thus ensuring a safe supply of REAL batteries to UK consumers. Not content with the high number of fake cells still flooding the market, Ben sought to revolutionise the battery retail sector, putting battery safety at the forefront of the Fogstar brand.

In 2018, the team met with the UK Government to discuss the EU battery directive and explore ways in which Fogstar could become a legally compliant supplier of authentic batteries to the UK and EU markets. It soon became apparent that significant investment would be required to take the business forward, involving the purchase of a special printing machine that shoots out ink and binds it to the battery surface using electricity. As a Fogstar customer, you’ll notice this print on ALL of our cells.

As part of the directive, the team also set about ensuring full in-house testing and traceability, implementing a new online testing platform called EXOCELL. This system gave all cells a unique 4-digit code which, upon entering online, provided full authentication of the batteries purchased. This was the first system of its kind in the world.

New Adventures…
In 2021, Fogstar teamed-up with EVE to test the supply of 280ah prismatic cells to the UK market, and after quickly realising the substantial demand, sought to provide consumers with a safe, reliable and cost-effective supply of Grade A and Grade B cells from the well-known manufacturer.

This brings us to today, and the formation of Fogstar Drift in 2022. You’ll notice straight away the same product quality, customer service and advanced features that underpin our entire Fogstar brand. We’ve worked to develop the ultimate leisure battery, built with EVE Grade A Prismatic Cells and complete with BMS, Bluetooth and built-in Heating. You’ll also notice the price, in comparison with all UK-based competition, we’re vastly more cost-effective. This significant price difference is due to our procurement strategy, and it’s great to be able to pass these savings onto our customers.

Fogstar Quality Assurance
The Fogstar brand is synonymous with quality and safety, positioned at the forefront of the UK industry. Reputation alone has enabled the business to grow organically. Customers know that buying from Fogstar ensures a quality product and a customer service experience like no other. You just need to read the plethora of reviews to verify this statement!

It remains our mission to stop the distribution of fake battery cells to unknowing consumers and businesses across the UK. Whilst the business has some way to go, we can rest-assured that every hurdle we’ve jumped, every cell we’ve tested, and every battery we’ve printed ensures one less person falls foul of a fake.