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Quality Assurance

Safety is paramount when it comes to Lithium batteries, that's why we've taken time to ensure our products meet the strictest safety, health and environmental protection requirements.

All of our Drift batteries are deemed safe and compliant for shipping under the UN3480 classification for Hazardous Goods. The process for classification is long and complex, but ensures critical quality certification programmes exist for our products before shipping by Air, Sea or Road. 

Our batteries must adhere to strict regulations and must be handled, stored and transported accordingly (as per UN3480 and the supporting regulations).

Our batteries also carry CE markings. CE markings demonstrate our commitment to EU safety, health and environmental requirements. It also illustrates our compliance with EU legislation, and enables our batteries to be transported within the European market.

The UKCA markings found on our batteries signifies compliance to UK product standards and legislation. Our products have undergone extensive testing to ensure they comply with all the required standards.

You can view all of our certifications, and quality testing reports below;