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24V 40A - LiFePO4 Charger (Fogstar Drift)

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by Fogstar
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The NEW Fogstar Drift LiFePO4 chargers have been designed specifically to work with Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries, in particular our 24V Drift Leisure Battery range.

These user-friendly chargers are packed with extensive protective features, and are of a high seismic grade, ideal for use during off-grid adventures.


Working Temperature     -30°c ~ +40°c
Storage Temperature       -40°c ~ +70°c
Relative Humidity            5% ~ 95%
Heat Dissipation Mode    Fan Cooling
Input Voltage                   180-260 VAC
Input Frequency               50Hz / 60 Hz
Chemistry                          LiFePO4
DC Output                         28.4V / 40A


  1. Remove your charger from the packaging
  2. Retain the packaging
  3. Ensure the charger air vents are not blocked before connecting
  4. Connect the black (negative -) cable to the black (negative -) terminal on the battery
  5. Connect the red (positive +) cable to the red (positive +) terminal on the battery
  6. Ensure terminal rings are tightened to a torque value of around 10 N.m
  7. Plug your battery into the mains and switch ON
  8. Your battery indicator light should be flashing green (pre-charge inspection stage).


  • Do not disassemble the charger
  • Do not remove the charger cover
  • Do not block the charger air vent
  • Keep away from heat source
  • Keep away from water
  • Do not crush, incinerate or modify
  • Only use within manufacturers specifications.