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Ash Pollard reviews the Drift Leisure Batteries...

Ash Pollard reviews the Drift Leisure Batteries...

You can imagine the excitement here at Fogstar HQ when we received an email from off-grid legend Ash Pollard last December.

We’re big fans of Ash’s YouTube channel (
Lost in Europe), and after some minor fangirling, we started some serious conversations about his electrical and solar set-up at his cabin in rural Sweden. For us, this was the perfect opportunity to show Ash what the Drifts were made of, and a great opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of moving away from AGM to Lithium.

Ash’s cabin has been running off AGM batteries in an upstairs and downstairs configuration. He was keen to test our Drift batteries by removing his upstairs AGM batteries (24v system 4x 250ah AGM) and replacing them with two 560ah 12v Drifts wired in series. Ash received his battery delivery in April (big thanks to CJ from Project Amber), and has since been powering the entire upstairs section of his Cabin using the 560ah Drifts.

Following his delivery, Ash was keen to understand why our batteries were so much more affordable than others on the market; “Am I missing something here? Why are all the other companies pushing these batteries out double or triple the price for the same capacity?”. We don’t know Ash! So, we did what any decent company would do…we sent him a 105ah Drift for his beloved van too. Time to move away from AGM’s for good!

Ash recently took delivery of his 105ah and was really excited to share his feedback with everyone...


You can follow Ash's adventures over at, or on Instagram at @ash__pollard.

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