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The Ruck Family get a Lithium upgrade!

The Ruck Family get a Lithium upgrade!

A few weeks ago, we got a very exciting phone call here at Fogstar HQ. Stu Ruck got in touch to discuss his up-and-coming motorhome enhancements, and he was keen to install a Fogstar Drift after hearing "nothing but great reviews" from across the vanlife community. 

The Ruck's, Stu, Charlie, Oliver, Dexter and Emilia, are a family of five from South Wales. They live full-time in their van and vlog their epic journeys, and adventures, around the UK and Europe in their Motorhome 'Nacho'. 

In this video, Stu and Charlie discuss some last minute Motorhome upgrades before their Summer tour across Europe. This includes installing air conditioning, solar panels, a new radio interface and more importantly, upgrading to lithium!

Stu and Charlie chose Fogstar for their upgrade, opting for a Seat Base 230Ah. They discuss the reason behind choosing a Fogstar Drift, what the advantages of Lithium are, and talk about their experience of buying a Drift.

Watch the full video, and see what they think of their Fogstar battery, here;

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